About Us

About Tomco

TOMCO Group of Companies serves a client base across North America in a variety of markets including the oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable resource industries. We have several operating branches including Rocky Mountain House, Edmonton, Bonnyville and Grande Prairie Alberta.

We specialize in a range of services:

  • Portable Machining, Milling and Flange Facing
  • Hydraulic Torquing and Stud Tensioning
  • Pre-Heat and Post Weld Heat Treating
  • Hot Taps, Cold Taps and Pipe Coring
  • Cold Pipe Cutting and Beveling
  • Hydrotesting and Isolations
  • Shutdown Maintenance

In addition, we rent a wide range of products to our clientelle:

  • bolting equipment
  • hydrotest equipment
  • pipe cutting and pipe end prep equipment
  • plus custom rentals, on-site warehousing and more

We have on-call personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our extensive safety training requirements include H2S Alive, CSTS, WHMIS, PST, First Aid, CPR and more.

Our qualified professionals can provide complete planning assistance to ensure our customers the most efficient and expedient execution of the above services.

We guarantee all of our services and stand behind our rates. Call us today for more information, consultation or a free estimate.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader, innovator and world-class provider of oilfield specialty services and rentals to effectively satisfy our customers’ needs while providing our team of employees the highest level of safety, training and support in the industry.

Our vision is to achieve our mission to such a degree as to set the standard for others to follow and aspire to.

Our Objectives:

  1. Develop mutually positive relationships with our team by:
    • creating an injury-free work environment
    • providing the best possible on the job and apprenticeship training
    • providing opportunities for self and team development
    • recognizing and rewarding individual and team efforts in their contribution to achieving our mission.
  2. Develop mutually positive relationships with our customers by:
    • accurately identifying and then satisfying our customer’s needs through a standard of excellent service
    • procuring, developing and maintaining a unified team of professionals
    • procuring, developing and maintaining modern technology and equipment
    • striving for continuous improvement and innovative job execution
    • providing full-disclosure of our qualifications and Health, Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures
    • soliciting post-performance feedback from our customers to ensure their satisfaction with our service and product
  3. Develop mutually positive relationships with our suppliers by:
    • being professionally and financially responsible in the procurement and payment of supplies and services
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