Welding Shelters

Hex-Hut is the only welding tent that is easy to use, safe, and saves you money. Hex-Hut will save your company 30-50% from your bottom line no matter what type of shelters you’re using (or not using) right now. Our tents are durable and can withstand most weather conditions, meaning less down time for your crew. Our tents can be deployed without scaffolding crews in 10 minutes. Simply attach a hex-hut shelter onto your tube, clamp it, and you are ready to weld. Finally, Hex-Huts are a tenth of the weight of metal shelters, making them 50% safer than other welding tents.

The Hex-Hut Advantage


Our welding shelters are lightweight to reduce accidents, flexible to allow for proper ventilation, translucent for excellent visibility, and flame resistant to meet CPAI-84 (tent wall), MVSS 302, and NFPA 701 standards.


Hex-Hut welding tents are fast and easy to set up with minimal training required. The tent reduces into four components for easy transport and no tools are need for assembly. Faster deployment equals more productivity.


Our welding shelters have simple a design that is durable and flexible. This means that one tent can be used for many different weld types and for a long time. The tents are deployed without equipment, further reducing cost.

Innovative Welding Shelter

This video introduces Hex-Hut, an innovative welding shelter company with a passion to bring increased productivity, safety and job quality to any outdoor welding being done.