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Our bolting services include hydraulic bolting, stud tensioning and nutsplitting. Our ASME PCC- 1 trained staff ensure that your engineering specifications are adhered to.

The portable equipment we use is lightweight, ergonomic and allows us to easily perform in confined and remote areas including exchangers, manways, towers and more. 

Our trained technicians have proven track records in safety, quality and production.. 

Hydraulic Torquing 

Hydraulic torquing is stretching the stud or bolt to a predetermined load. The load is accomplished by turning the nut attached to the bolt which places the load on the stud/bolt.

+ Less accurate than hydraulic tensioning
+ More versatile
+ Simple to use

Stud Tensioning 

Stud Tensioning also stretch’s the stud or bolt to a predetermined load by using a hydraulic cylinder. The pulling force created by the cylinder stretches the stud/bolt then the nut can be tightened with little effort. The cylinder is then removed.

+ Stability and ease of control
+ Highly accurate
+ Most often used on large bolts

Applications for Controlled Bolting

+ Tightening nuts on equipment
+ Fastening pumps to bases
+ Connecting flanges