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W-Series, X-Edition Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

X-Edition hexagon hydraulic torque wrenches set a new standard in safety, simplicity and performance

Safety and Performance

  • Superior strength to size ratio provides easy access to difficult to reach applications without sacrificing endurance
  • 30° rotation angle and rapid return stroke provide fast operation
  • Tough manifold design with added safety feature for enhanced operator safety


  • Fast release drive unit enables rapid exchange of cassettes, no tools required
  • Quick and easy disassembly for maintenance without special tools
  • Includes robust handles which mount on both sides, and the tops of cassettes to allow for extra maneuverability


  • Available with optional enhanced tilt and swivel TSP300 manifold for horizontal and vertical maneuverability, with greater durability*
  • X-Edition drive units, cassettes and most accessories are compatible with standard edition tools.*
  • Drive unit compatible with UltraSlim and WCR-Series cassettes


  • Constant torque output provides accuracy of +/-3% across full stroke

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