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Heat treatment is a process to intentionally alter the chemical and or mechanical properties of materials through heating and cooling.

TOMCO’s P.W.H.T technicians can preform bakeouts, preheat, interpass temperature monitoring, post weld heat treatment and refractory bake out.  

Our fleet of stress relieving units go where you need us. Portable 2-zones and 6 with recorders, modular 6-zone units and 5-ton trucks mounted with 24-zones.

Quiet and compact, our portable consoles can work in confined spaces and can be configured to customers needs. Our mobile units are completely self contained with power generators, cables, replacements elements, thermocouples and instrumentation.

Staff must adhere to strict heat treating procedures and policies to ensure the highest level of safety and performance consistency. Customers receive copies of all supporting documentation in-cluding Chart Specification Sheets, Calibration Certifications, Strip Charts and Tailgate Reports. 


+ Piping
+ Vessels
+ Heat exchangers
+ Casing Bowls
+ Weldments
+ Refractory lined components
+ Furnaces


You can rely on the Tomco Furnace for quality workmanship and a project timeline that matches up with your needs.

Details of our state of the art Furnace are as follows:

+ Internal Dimensions are 51’ x 12’4”x 9’
+ Our gas fired burners run the latest in computerized control technology.
+ Four gas burners total 12 million BTU’s.
+ Our secure fully fenced lay down yard can accommodate large projects.
+ Process area of 110’ allows for oven operation and next batch setup.

TOMCO Furnace

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